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1 million square km (approximately 4 times the size of Montana).
The population of Bolivia is 9.2 million, about 70% of whom are Indian (mostly Aymara and Quechua), 25 % mestizo (Spanish/Indian) and 5% Caucasian, of European origin.
Official languages
Espagnol, Aymara, Quechua.
Democratic. Although Bolivia had a tumultuous past marked dictatorships, there has been a stable democracy since 1981.
Our aim is to assist you on your off-the-beaten-track adventures. However, certain activities such as rafting or climbing in the Andes require you to respect certain security regulations. We will provide specialized guides and first quality equipment - Bolivia is undoubtedly one of the most secure countries on this continent. However, we would like to warn you about certain events that are becoming more and more common, such as pick pocketing, robberies and strange incidents such as people posing as policemen, spitting, etc. Some places are more problematic than others, especially while en route, in railway stations, restaurants and in general all public places visited by tourists.
Consequently, we recommend you to be extremely attentive while traveling, to travel in groups, to not leave your valuables and photographic equipment on the floor without supervision, and also to keep your cash or travelers’ cheques, airplane tickets and your passport on your person.
We strongly recommend you not to carry them in your backpack. We also advise you to take out travel insurance for "loss of baggage" and for "interruption of stay" before traveling.
The local currency is the Boliviano. The rate of exchange varies (in June 2007 $ 1 US = 7.87 Bolivians). ?Our advice is to bring cash or traveler cheques (in $US) and a credit card (withdrawing cash is possible in big cities). Travelers’ cheques can only be changed at bureau de change, and very few companies accept them. (Terra Andina does not accept them)
This is a country of gold and silver with very interesting prices. The craftwork is magnificent and good value (textiles, woodwork, leatherwork, ceramics, musical instruments etc).
The trout of Lake Titicaca, the ceviche (sea fish marinated in green lemon juice), traditional dishes such as salteñas (meat pies), fricassee, chuño (dried potato), chicha (fermented corn alcohol), chairo (chuño soup), saice (minced meat and rice in a spicy sauce).
Best season
March to November. While days on the Altiplano are hot, sunny and the sky a deep blue, nights can be cold. Rainy season is from December to March.
It is necessary to acclimatize well before any extreme exercise. In general, after two days spent in La Paz, lesser symptoms (headache, loss of appetite) disappear. Our tours are designed to enable you to gradually acclimatize. In the case of symptoms persisting (which is quite rare), specialized doctors (M.D.'s) of the Bolivian Institute of Biology of the Altitude will look after you.
More information:click here
Some of our trips use more simple accommodation and may be subject to unexpected local conditions. This does not mean that conditions are extreme but good physical shape and the ability to adapt are necessary. In any case, comfort is one of our main priorities when we choose hotels or camping places / equipment.
In certain regions, most of all at Lipez (South of Uyuni) sleeping accommodation may be more challenging. Where "basic comfort” is mentioned, accommodation is invariably in the home of a local person or villager, or sometimes in a shelter dormitory style (such as at Laguna Colorada and Laguna Verde). ?It is almost impossible to make reservations in advance, as lodging is assigned according to the group’s time of arrival. These rooms are not decorated and the beds are simple (bedstead + mattress + blankets, and sheets are scarcely used because of scarce water supplies). The ground is generally earth or concrete and rarely tiled. Lodgings are not heated. There is, sometimes, electricity, but only for a few hours per day (usually from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.). Some dwellings are equipped with showers (not always) and toilets are really simple (in terms of equipment and cleanliness).
Please note that on the Altiplano, while it may be quite warm during the day, after sunset, temperatures drop. In winter (from June to August), they can fall to -30ºC. A good sleeping bag is essential, for comfort and hygiene.Our local teams (villagers, owners of shelters) will be at your disposal to offer you the best possible conditions and accommodation that is available.

Dry season: Sucre and surroundings: Warm during the day when the sun shines. A little bit cold during the night (2100m to 3500m altitude). ? Uyuni Salt Deserts: Sunny during the day (15ºC – 20ºC), cold at night (3600m altitude).
Lake Titicaca: Sunny during the day (15ºC – 20ºC), cold at night (3850m altitude).
These statistics excludes the so-called "Surazo" (usually in June), a cold wind from the South that originates from the Antarctic, Tierra de Fuego and Patagonia. During these days, cold winds, rain and even snow are all possible.

For weather reports please consult:
Altitude in Bolivia and all over the world For more information, visit the site:



Time difference

Local time is GMT – 4 hours. There is a time difference of 6 hours (with Europe) from May to October and 5 hours the rest of the year, same time as Eastern time in the US.

Electricity and batteries

110 and 220 volts. Bring an adaptor (electrical plug, American type).
Most vehicles are equipped with cigarettes lighters, which can be used to recharge batteries. However, many drivers make them useless in order to discourage smoking.

Portable telephones

Only three-wave devices will allow you to call (or receive calls) to (from) abroad.
However, you may call from your hotel or from one of the numerous long distance telephone offices in the towns.


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