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Travel in Bolivia
Travel in Bolivia


Terra Andina Bolivia, tour operator in Bolivia

Entrance to the country
Valid passport with minimum expiration of 6 months after departure date.
A 30-day visa given upon arrival and so it is not necessary to apply beforehand.
These conditions may change. Please get information from consulate in your country prior to traveling.
For your comfort during the trip, we advise you to travel light and only bring what is necessary, in the most compact way possible (one big bag and a smaller « day-pack » is advised).For treks and climbing in the Andes, it is imperative to limit the weight of your luggage to 30 lb so as not to overload the porters or pack animal.
Useful information if you are planning to make purchases on your trip: you are allowed to carry up to 40 lb on the airplane, for most regular Transatlantic flights (ask your airline to confirm these conditions), for flights to the USA usually up to 50 lb. We advise you to take out travel insurance to cover you for "loss of luggage".
Because of altitude and the climatic variations, good physical condition is recommended. A first-aid kit for the group will be available.
The trip in the Lípez region can be exhausting (reaching -30ºC at night in June!). It is necessary to be able to adapt to cope with incidents or loss of comfort (bad roads, temperature changes etc.).
Recommended Vaccinations
DT Polio, Typhoid, Hepatitis A and B - For the Amazon, Yellow Fever. There is little risk of contracting malaria except on trips inside the Amazon (starting from Trinidad) - For the Yungas, there is no particular recommendation.
Personal First-Aid Kit (Group First-Aid Kit carried for all services)
Your general medications; Vitamin C or multi-vitamins; painkillers: Aspirin or the equivalent; Lomotil for diarrhoea + something for intestinal infections; antibiotics such as Ampicillin or Tetracycline (8 days worth of treatment with a medical prescription); anti-inflammatory cream; eyewash; water purification tablets or iodine, elastic bandages and tape; assorted sticky plasters + gauze, disinfectant, double skin (protection against the blisters, available in pharmacies), treatment for flu, throat lozenges, sun-block, calamine lotion ( for sunburn and bites).
Protection of the environment

The ecological balance of the regions that we cross is very precarious. The constant flow of tourists, although still restricted, quickly causes an imbalance. For the interest of all, each participant is responsible for the care of and state of the places that we use. Environmental protection should concern all of us. Even if you see that certain places already have been in some way desecrated, you should still burn all paper, tissues, boxes, etc. Your guide or companion will help you.


A Toyota Land-Cruiser is used in our Private Service (unless otherwise specified in the program). A maximum of 7 people + the driver per vehicle. At certain stages of your trip, a car, minibus or bus, (according to the size of the group) may be considered. All vehicles are in good condition and covered by insurance.

All our drivers are very experienced with excellent knowledge of the country. They are also competent mechanics.
Bilingual – unless otherwise stated in the program - with a profound knowledge of the country and its history. You will have specialized guides on certain visits (Potosí mines, Tiwanaku ruins, Jesuit Missions etc.).
Nature of Trips and Modifications of Itinerary
According to the weather conditions or group wishes, our circuits can be altered. We understand the need for total flexibility on our "a la carte" or custom made trips in comparison to those already established before the departure. A decision for change must be initiated by the group and accepted by all members. Some adjustments in fares may take place.
The number of stars of proposed hotels is indicated in the program. The hotels have double rooms and bathrooms, including breakfast and our company chooses accommodation.Hotels are indicated according to availability when the tour is confirmed.
In case of non-availability, a hotel of the same category would be booked. Warning: the hotel categories do not correspond to those of Europe/USA.

2/3-man Ferrino and Lafuma tents used by 2 people. Dining tent for treks. No toilet tent.

Lodging with local host

The best available on every itinerary. Sometimes very basic, without showers, but always with a warm welcome.


Large meals, typical to the region. In the cities, food is served in local restaurants. Colds lunches during long trips. Hot dinners every day.


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