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Terra Andina Bolivie : l'équipe
Equipe Terra Andina Bolivia
Terra Andina Bolivie : Mickael
Terra Andina Bolivie : Eric et Yovi
Eric et Yovi
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Terra Andina Bolivia, tour operator in Bolivia

Terra Andina Bolivia : Cathy

Bringing together the collective adventures of several friends and associates since 1998, Terra Explora is a tour operator, a network of travel agencies,operating throughout Latin America (and South America).
- Terra Andina Bolivia covers Bolivia (since 1999)
- Terra Andina Peru, Peru (since 2001)
- Terra Brazil, the whole of Brazil (since 2003)
- Terra Maya, Mexico and Guatemala (since 2006)
- Terra Patagonia, Argentina (since 2006)
- Terra Patagonia Chile, Chile and Easter Island (since 2008)
- Terra Andina Ecuador, Ecuador (since 2009)
- Terra Antarctica, cruises in the Antarctic (since 2009)

These entities share common values, modern work methods and experiences gathered from similar backgrounds. We consider ourselves “dream merchants”, but “travel specialist to Latin America” best defines our activity.
Over the years, we have become recognized as specialists in tourism and professionals in the area of individual and a la carte (tailor-made) trips, group trips, incentive travel and seminars organization. This versatility also allows us to use our knowledge in other areas connected to travel: reports, editing of travel guides, photography, events, adventure travel, extraordinary trips (like crossing the continent), and actions in the area of responsible tourism. 
We are committed to a diverse range of activity built around the same theme – travel in Latin America, both stimulating us personally as much as creating a synergy between our different activities. To “root out” information for these reports, we are driven to explore unknown regions, generating new contacts and giving birth to innovative ideas … which are developed to produce tourist programs (and vice versa).

Quality, at the best price with complete security.

Our marketing strategy is centered on quality of service. In our different agencies, the managers, the operations director and the salespersons, are all working from ground level. They are professional, tri-lingual and experienced in modern methods of work. This is one of the strongest points of our structure, and our contacts appreciate our willingness to recognize and advocate quality. This is expressed as much in the construction of programs (quick precise response, in the language of our operators) as in our operations (emphasis placed on security). Our offices take care of their own logistics (equipment/materials/ necessities) and to the wide network of correspondents for particular areas of operation (Amazon / Pantanal / the Andes).This requirement for quality does not limit itself solely to a capacity to operate a successful tourist program; it is accompanied by competitive prices according to the level of comfort desired.This competition takes place partly during negotiations that happen with local operators (hotels, transport, guides, flights etc.) and is partly due to our aim to operate services ourselves as often as possible, without intermediaries. We wish to avoid increasing the number of intermediaries- to limit accumulation of extra commissions being charged-to shorten the chain of communication and thus improve direct control of our operations-to conserve our strength in proposals and innovations.

Tourism as a Positive Act.

One speaks today of ecotourism, or of “ethical tourism”.Both aim to show common sense and respect, a consciousness that traveling is at the same time borrowing from and imprinting on the places we encouter.To act with good sense by respecting the fragile environment by respecting our teams on site or in offices by paying fair salaries.Our hope is to show great consideration for the people who receive us, as well as to our clients and to ourselves, seeking to ever enrich the contents of our programs to give meaning to traveling.

Fabrice Pawlak, Pierre Boyer, Nicolas Blanquet, Thibault Jeannin, Michaël Teyssier, Eric Quillevere, Jérôme Sans, Olivier Tibi, Agathe Guy, Thomas Loubert, Christophe Napierai, Sandrine Gallo.

The team group
Francois Jaupitre, Deborah Messina, Orlando Calatayud, Luis Garrido, Coraline Gachignat, Johana Matta, Claudie Perche, Fabien Colin, Henry Mendoza Sucari, Mathieu Mejecasse, Camila Castello, Gustavo Cruz, Nivea Attalah, Vania Sandoval, Mathieu Mejecase, Antonio Schnoor, João Bauvoi, Fabiana Carosio, Evelyne Chambon, Axelle Kiers, Susanne Lipsch, Natasha Rodriguez, Karine Boyer, Laurence Sans, Julie Pawlak, Julie Ligny, Paola Salazar, Luis Felipe Cusi Castro, Manon Laloge, Sebastian Guevara Viquez, Florian Servant, Edison Nivelo, Catherine Nieto-Napierai, Rodrigo Mendoza, Grover Tito, Benjamin Boyer.



TERRA Group - Pierre Boyer- - – cel. SouthAm. (+0054) 9 2944 641661 - Skype : pierre_boyer

ARGENTINA - Bariloche - TERRA PATAGONIA – Michael Tessier- - – (+54) 2944 430 820 / Skype : terra.patagonia

BOLIVIA - La Paz - TERRA ANDINA BOLIVIA – Thibault Jeannin - - – (+591) 22 42 29 95 / Skype : terra.andina

BRASIL - Rio de Janeiro - TERRA BRAZIL - Nicolas Blanquet - -  - Tel (+55 21) 25 43 31 85 - Skype: terrabrazil

CHILE - Pucon - TERRA PATAGONIA CHILE - Eric Quillevere - - - Tel (+56) 45 44 45 58 - Skype: ericchili

COSTA RICA - San José - TERRA CARIBEA - Jerome Sans - - - Tel (+506) 22 68 72 53 - Skype: terra.caribea

ECUADOR- Quito - TERRA ANDINA ECUADOR - Christophe Napierai- - Tel (+ 00 593) 85 774 957  - Skype : terra.ecuador

MEXICO - Mérida - TERRA MAYA - Olivier Tibi - - – (+52) 999 92 34 302 or (+52 1) 999 156 81 58

PANAMA - Panama City - TERRA CARIBEA - Jerome Sans - -– Tel (+507) 66 77 20 44 - Skype: terra.caribea

PERU - Cuzco & Lima - TERRA ANDINA PERU - Agathe Guy - - - (+51 84) 25.21.32 - Skype: terraandinaperu


  • Photos and presentation of members of the agencies (and their babies).

    Our respective websites are brought up to date yearly and contain most of the trips that we offer. This allows those who work with us to draw from ideas of tours/modules/descriptive texts and photos to be able to add to their tour spreads.
    Our agents are in permanent contact with each other as well as with our partners (via MSN Messenger, Skype Telephone).
    Professional queries during weekdays are dealt with 24 hours a day by an English-speaking intermediary with expert knowledge on costs, locations and operations.





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