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Trek dans l'Apolobamba en bolivie :
Trek dans l'Apolobamba en Bolivie


Apolobamba trek, land of the famous « Callaway’s »
Trekking 6 days March to November Private Spanish or English speaking
Along the way…

It is said that the Pukina are the last direct descendants of the Tiwanaku lords of whose language they still speak. They are also, and above all, the last knowledge holders of the powerful plants of the Altiplano. Curva, the village in which our trek begins, is known to be home of the most prestigious indigenous "healers". They then share their talent in all parts of the country, while the best ones leave for Peru, Brazil, and Argentina or in the larger Bolivian cities.
The healing traditions trek will surely fulfill the most demanding trekker in terms of encounters (miners, Indian healers, etc…) and large open Andean spaces. We skirt the Cordillera Apolobamba from one end to the other, between 4000 and 5000 meters of elevation, in a region difficult to access and therefore seldom visited. The trail is bordered on the Western side by eternal glaciers and on the Eastern side by deep valleys dropping all the way to the Amazon.
We will set up camp near rivers, most often below passes. The delight of the scenic beauty and the particular atmosphere of the kallawayas lands (frenetic gold rush, Indian medicine) will largely outweigh the trouble of your efforts.

Apolobamba trek, land of the famous Callaway’s
Day 1 : LA PAZ – CHARAZANI – LAGUNILLAS (el. 3780 m.a.s.l.)

Departure from the hotel at 6:30 a.m. in private 4WD. We drive along the shores of mystical Lake Titicaca before crossing numerous charming villages in the style of the Altiplano. We can visit the chapels of the villages of Carabuco and Escoma, described like the “Sixteen chapel” of Bolivia. Then, after a lunch break, a winding road takes us to higher ground from where we can admire the cordillera Apolobamba and the imposing peak of Akamani (el. 5666 m.a.s.l.).
We enter the Ulla Ulla national park, hosting more than 3000 Vicuñas and the most important population of Condors in Bolivia. In the middle of the afternoon, we reach the small community of Charazani where we can take advantage of the Hot Springs to relax (depending on time). After a few more hours of driving going from village to village, we reach the hamlet of Lagunillas (8h of dirt road from La Paz).
Lunch on the way (included).All included. Night at the comfortable Bed and Breakfast of Lagunillas (showers, fire place…).


Difficulty: altitude trek with several passes between 4.500 and 5.000 m.a.s.l. (at least two per day). From 5 to 7-hour walk a day. Good physical condition required.
At about 9 a.m., we depart from the lodging for a walk towards Curva (3780 m.a.s.l.). The village remains one of the most typical in the region: stone houses, Indians in traditional garments (possibility to buy beautiful fabrics, traditional garments and ornaments). We visit the hospital of traditional medicine, where practitioners heal using the regional plants.
A two-hour hike takes us to the site called Jatunpampa, where we have lunch, accompanied by the sound of the creek nearby, and by an abundant fauna (llamas, viscachas...). Our road continues with the ascent of two passes: the Moyokaka (4500 m.a.s.l.) and the Tambillo (4700 m.a.s.l.), which we climb respectively in 2 and 3 hours. In the distance, we see the Cordillera Real. We descend for 1h30 to reach the valley where we set up camp (Incacancha, 4100 m.a.s.l.)
Cold lunch. All included. Bivouac.


We depart from our camp at 8 a.m. and start with steep ascent of about 2 hours (Mil Curvas gorge (thousand curves), el. 4585 m.a.s.l.). We arrive at a small altitude lagoon, surrounded by mountains. We have lunch in the valley below, at the foot of some gold mines. We then attack our second pass of the day, the Viscachani pass at el. 4825 m.a.s.l. The summit of the Huayna Sunchulli appears in front of us.
After a 1-hour descent, we reach the gold mine of the “the Virgin of the Rosary” where we can find miners still searching for gold, and even buy some chips of the precious metal.
Finally, at the end of the day, we take a stroll in the “pueblo perdido” (lost village) near the mine, where the Spaniards built their lodgings to exploit the mountain: reminder of the frenzied history of the gold fever for the Spanish crown.
Cold lunch. All included. Bivouac.


We leave our bivouac and begin the steep ascent towards Sunchulli Pass (el. 4905 m.a.s.l.), which we reach after about 2 hours.
From there, we can see a little laguna at the base of the imposing glacier. One more time, we can see the traces of the gold miners etched on the mountainsides.
An easy downhill takes us to our lunch spot. Then, a 2-hour walk up to the Koppe pass (el. 4930 m.a.s.l.) from where we have a splendid view over the Valley of Azanjoce. Superb panorama over the Andes.
We reach our camp (Pauchi Cocho el. 3700 m.a.s.l.) after a steep descent (2 hours from the last pass). Cold lunch. All included. Bivouac.
Hiking time: 6h; Elevation gain: +400m / -1300m


Three successive canyons (Pichuara el.4.370 m.a.s.l./ Quimza Cruz el. 4.550m.a.s.l.. / Pelechuco el. 4.700 m.a.s.l.).
We descend into the valley of the Hilo Hilo River before starting a 5-hour ascent, at the end of which we reach the Pelechuco Pass, culmination point of the day. We traverse picturesque villages with their small thatched roof huts and, if we are lucky, we may get a glimpse at the flight of the famous Andean condor.
After a long descent towards Pelechuco (2 hours), we can see the imposing Katantica with its 5560 meters of altitude, it dominates the valley. Arrival in Pelechuco at the end of the day.
Cold lunch. All included. Night at Marina and Reynaldo's (basic comfort).
Hiking time: 7h; Elevation gain: +1300m / -1400m


8 a.m. departure from Pelechuco with our private 4WD for our return to La Paz through the National Park of Ulla-Ulla and Cololo Lake (9-hour journey).
We will be able to observe the fauna and specially hundreds of vicuñas, llamas and other camelides.
Lunch on the way (included) and dinner open. Hotel ***.


- Trekking guide
- Cook for groups of more than 4 people (for groups smaller than 4, the guide will be the cook)
- Collective equipment for trekking (tents, cooking gear, etc…)
- Portage of luggage (mules)
- Entrance to parks and cultural places mentioned in program
- Private transport
- Spanish speaking driver
- 2/3-star hotels in twin room including breakfast
- Meals mentioned

Not included

- Individual equipment (we can provide a sleeping pad)
- Mandatory travel insurance
- Alcoholic drinks
- Tips
- Open meals mentioned, (from $ 3 to $ 8 US per person / meal).

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