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-Canyons and Colors 1 day
-Canyons and Colors 3 day
-Condorís road 5 days
-The golden loop 7 days

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Moutains of Tupiza

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Tupiza, the gentleness of the South

As one arrives in Tupiza (2950 m), from the lost lagoons of Great Lipez, or accompanying one of the last caravans of llamas on "the salt road" that barter between the highlands and the central valleys, a pleasant feeling seizes you.  In Tupiza, the soft light in the evening on the multicolored mountains, the shadows of the cactus, as much as the towers guarding the entrance to the winding canyons, the peasants slowly plodding home on horseback… the "Red Earth" of the South of Bolivia resembles the scenery of a western.  Close your eyes; can you not see the mules loaded with silver? And behind this dust cloud, isn't that Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, mounting their attack on the takings of the mining company Aramayo?  Further East is Tarija (1850 m) and its air of Andalusia.  Do not miss out on the pleasure of this wine-growing region (the high altitude red wine and the Singani are particularly well known) offers equally a rich cuisine, to the sounds of the gypsy violin, mixed with the bombo of the Argentinean gauchos.

The region is packed with cave paintings and paleontological treasures, not to mention the nature reserves of Sama and Tariquía.

The best way to discover the South of Bolivia is obviously on horseback, but it is also a delight for 4WD amateurs and trekkers. There will always be a waterfall or a crystalline natural pool to reward the efforts of the curious traveler.  The most adventurous will explore the region of the Chaco.  This ecological paradise, the scene of violent conflict between Bolivia and Paraguay from 1932 to 1936 (orchestrated by the oil companies with their eye on its rich deposits of hydrocarbons), is today the territory of jaguars and Guaranis Indian, always bathed in that implacable sun.
Carte des Tupiza
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